Supporter Programme

In 2010 we launched our Supporter Programme to help us progress the Users Group activities and help us in obtaining the funding for projects in the Park.

We now have over 75 local people who have joined our Supporter programme or made donations. This support has aided us to obtain funding of over £14,000 to turn the old disused boathouse into a Wildlife, Education and Information Centre which opened in July 2011.

We are now looking at further projects to improve the park and we need your help to make it happen.

All we ask is that a Supporter makes a small annual membership fee of £2 or a greater donation of your choice. We will then update you on our plans and progress in South Park on a regular basis via e-mail, Newsletters and on Notice Boards in the Park. This small fee helps us buy such items as paper, copying, plants and assists in our anti-litter and conservation campaigns. Even more importantly as a voluntary group seeking funding, it shows we are serious, have strong support and that local people care and support our park.

If you can help us, please give us your name and address and e-mail (which helps reduce mailing costs) and provide the £2 annual supporter donation fee either at the AGM, by standing order, bank transfer or send to the address below. If you are already a Supporter and joined at or before last years AGM please renew – we really do appreciate your support.

Supporter Member donation fee £2.00 per annum or amount of your choice – cheques made payable to South Park Users Group c/o 43 South Park Crescent, IGI IXU